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New Equipment

Automated Records and Materials Handling
Vertical and Carousel Storage Solutions 
Automotive Material Handling
Hovair offers design, build, layout, and simulation capabilities related to the material handling arena. Products include lift tables, tilt tables, air bearing turntables, mechanical turntables, automated conveyor systems, and custom handling machinery. 
Warehouse Solutions
Steel Racking, Warehouse Automation, Warehouse Management Software  
Lean Material Flow Solutions
Industrial Carts, Cart Lifts, and Conveyor Systems  
Industrial Tool Storage Equipment
Steel Tool Chests, Roller Cabinets, Stationary and Mobile Workbenches, Modular Storage Cabinets and Specialized Tool Storage 
Lifting Businesses
Producs state-of-the-art lifting solutions. Supplies cranes and service for a global customer base. 
Engineered Gravity Flow Solutions
Pallet Flow, Carton Flow, Keg Flow, Gravity Conveyor Systems. 
Material Handling, Storage & Transport Products
Bins, Totes, Tubs, Cabinets, Pallets, Carts, storage Systems 
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